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My weekly Entries for Diane & Carolien's weekly alphabet challenge on Diane Clancy's Art Blog

challenge # 36 X-P-I 
Featuring; Xplode, Phicops, Ipso. 
This was my 1st ever tile, tile # tt01

challenge # 37 T-Q-O
Featuring; Tizzy, Oybay, and Quib
tile # tt02

challenge # 38 L-P-N
Featuring; Linq, Pippin, and Narwal
tile # tt03

challenge # 39 A-F-M
Featuring; Afterglo, Fleavy, Mak-Rah-Mee, 
aptly named "Tangle Me Pink"
tile # tt04

challenge # 40 J-S-W
Featuring; Jesterz, Squid, and Whirlee
(also with color)
tile # tt08

challenge # 41 Y-M-#
Featuring; Yah, Minline, and 4Corners
tile # tt09

challenge #42  I-J-G
Featuring; InaPod, Jessicup, and Gnarly
Also featuring my 1st string (see below) 
tile # tto10

ttstring 01 on tile # tt010

This is my first string,  ‎Created, January ‎16, ‎2016 (although it may seem similar it is not a copy and no one else may claim it as their own) lol so I guess that is also my 1st disclaimer statement

challenge # 43 D-N-E
Featuring; Dragonair, Nzeppel, and Echoism, 
with a little Curl for a slight filler.
tile # 011

challenge # 44 M-B-Z ( I am a week ahead of time on this one ;P ) 
Featuring; Mumsy, Bandola, and Zinger

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